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YES, I have finally released my book I worked on for over ten years.  It is a cookbook featuring lots of well tested wholesome contemporary and traditional, both cooked and live vegetarian recipes.

Below is a PDF of a “sneak preview” of a few sections, just to give you a little “taste”.  I am asking $50.00 for a printed copy as I consciously invested in local and environmentally friendly printing options.  With your generous support, I will be able to continuously donate to the local food bank, Second Harvest, one of the few that gladly accept not only money but also fresh biodynamic vegetables!!
For now, the book is available only at my table at the Village Market (www.villagemarket.ca) at the Toronto Waldorf School or you can arrange a private pick up or delivery with me if you wish.   If you would like an ebook version, please e-mail me!!  You can pay the cost of $35.00 using PayPal and send the money to the address below.  
Stay well and inspired,
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Click the image to download a preview of the book in PDF format 
Download a preview of Earthly & Divine