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Limited editions of Eva’s live foods are occassionally sold at the Village Market in Thornhill.  Please, check out their website for the location, list of vendors and events.   




Here is a list of available items:

Live Gluten Free Granola

All organic: sprouted buckwheat, currants, coconut flakes, almonds, local raw honey, Himalayan rock salt, spirulina









Live Coconut Snax

All organic: coconut flakes, dried strawberries or Goji berries, raw carob, lemon juice, local raw honey, Himalayan rock salt, stevia, turmeric









Yum E

All organic: coconut flakes, hazelnuts, local raw honey, enzyme activated pumpkin seeds (soaked in pure water + Himalayan rock salt), dried cranberries









Crispy Flax Snax

All organic: Flax and hemp seeds, Himalayan rock salt, lemon juice, onions and garlic, local raw honey, herbs and spices










Live Carrot Halvah

All organic: carrots, coconut, coconut oil, raisins, local raw honey, lemon juice, Himalayan rock salt, spices










Real Apple Pie

All organic: Raw apples; hazelnut, sunflower and coconut meal; local raw honey; slippery elm powder; Himalayan rock salt; spices  










Live Sushi

All organic: sprouted buckwheat, sprouted ground almonds, ginger, lemon juice, local raw honey, Himalayan rock salt, carrots and sauerkraut; dried Nori sheets









Live Hummus

All organic:  sprouted chickpeas, raw tahini, olive oil, lemon and orange juice, Himalayan rock salt, garlic or horseradish, spices










Live Kale Pesto

All organic: kale, cashews, basil, olive oil, lemon juice, local raw honey, Himalayan rock salt