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Live Nutrition Cooking School is committed to balance, simplicity, and above all health, with the intention of providing people with inspirational cooking practices that can be followed on a daily basis.  Many people do not make the effort to cook meatless dishes from scratch in fear of long lists of ingredients and countless trips to the grocery store.  To simplify preparation, many vegetarian and vegan recipes use canned and processed foods.  However, we often forget that the truly whole ingredients are the most precious gifts of nature and do not require embellishments.  They already taste the best just as they are and often do not even need to be cooked at all!  Using nature’s best ingredients automatically provides us with the best results.  If anything, the success of our recipes is not due to the recipes themselves, but rather due to the high quality of the ingredients we are working with.

Being a nutritionist, I believe that a plant based diet is most healthful for the tired, stressed and often malnourished bodies and souls of today’s human beings.  We do not benefit from the regular consumption of meat which is full of environmental toxins and which fails to provide cancer-fighting phytochemicals and cholesterol-lowering fibre. As cancer and cardiovascular disease are the leading causes of death today, we simply can’t ignore the serious deficiencies and toxicity of concentrated animal proteins.  The good news, that many people might not be aware of, is that it is virtually impossible to design a plant-based diet deficient in protein, providing it contains enough calories.  All plant foods, once living organisms with functioning cells, do contain various amounts of protein, anywhere from a low 1% for lettuce to a high 37% for soybeans. 

In addition, all plants contain varying amounts and types of vitamins, minerals, fibre, the best quality water and other elements capable of protecting us from degenerative conditions.  For the cook, they contain vibrant taste and colours which glorify the plate.  In our recipes, we do include some dairy in the forms of goat and sheep yogurt, cheese and clarified butter, which are predictable sources of vitamin B12, often deficient in strictly vegan diets.   This inclusion of small amounts of dairy, according to the individual’s tolerance level, eliminates the need to supplement with artificial food supplements, providing one is eating enough calories and a balanced variety of foods.