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“It is my passion and love for the world around us that leads me to make a commitment to inspiring people toward making important changes in their lives.  Neither politics nor politicians can make the world a better place without each one of us individually embracing peace and compassion. 


Through vegetarianism, through a conscious choice to save all life on this planet, we have the opportunity to liberate ourselves and  join in a celebration of life.  Moreover, when we learn to connect to the elements that give existence to our food -  sunshine, water, air and earth, we feel the cells of our body vibrating with healing balance, bite after bite.  Experience the bliss and enjoy, you deserve no less!!”

Eva Cabaca, R.N.C.P. completed her Masters in Education in the Czech Republic in 1989.  Two years later, she moved to Toronto where she received a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Toronto.  She then decided to follow her life-long passion for healing with whole foods.  Eva graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 1998 where she has been teaching nutrition, environment and food preparation courses since that time.  Eva also holds a certificate in Healing with Herbs and completed the Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Thornhill. 

She has taught cooking classes at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and at the Big Carrot in Toronto and at the Village Market in Thornhill before opening her own cooking school in Richmond Hill in the fall of 2008.  Besides teaching and running her own business, she is currently supporting the activities of the Carrville Community Garden and the Farm and Garden Program at the Toronto Waldorf School.  She has been devoted to spreading the knowledge of simple whole living, spirituality and care for the environment and has remained on the yoga path for over twenty years.